Streamlined Fitness Approach

For the longest time it has been very difficult to make fitness easy. This is because there are so many factors to getting your fitness dialed in. 

1.) What are you suppose to eat?

2.) Figuring out the best way to prepare meals for your week.

3.) Make it taste good.

4.) Portion it out to be specific for you and your goals.

5.) Adjust it as needed. (Most people get a coach, that means more $$)

All that is just the food! Not to mention getting a workout plan, making sure you are doing it correctly and staying consistent. Thats a lot of work! Well, now that The SuperNatural Lifestyle is here we make everything easier. We make all of your meals specific for you. It all depends on your goal. If you want to casually get in shape we can do that! If you want to get ready for the stage and compete with the best in the world we can do that too!

The biggest benifits to using The SuperNatural Lifestyle is we not only handle ALL of your Meal Prep needs, we also coach you! Yes, our founder Aaron W. Reed the author of The SuperNatural Lifestyle, explained his vision for the future. I set out to create a future that made fitness easy. Instead of having so many hurdles and expenses to overcome he made accomplished it all in one spot. The reason is simple. People just need proper guideance and it cant cost a fortune.

So here we are today watching athletes and 9 to 5 Americans all over switching to The SuperNatural Lifestyle to Eat Like Aaron and leave the frustration behind...

Here is a link to his book if you would like to educate yourself.


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Tips to Start!

So many people come to me and don't know where to start. They ask many questions like: How much should I workout? What type of workouts are best? How should I eat? What is a good carb or a good fat? What supplements should I use? etc.

Welcome to the world of fitness. For those of us that have been doing this for a really long time, we know what to do with ease. The challenge is to educate and motivate our clients so that they know what to do and have the confidence it is working. So, where do we start?

This is actually easier than you think. Success in fitness starts and finishes in the kitchen. Everything else is comes after. Here are a few simple steps to get you going in the right direction.

  1. Stop eating junk foods. (Anything processed or sugary) Try replacing some of your favorite treats with your favorite fruits. This will help
  2. Make sure to eat whole foods as much as possible. (That is anything you can hunt or gather in nature with out changing it)
  3. Don't be afraid to eat. There is a best food to eat at all times. (Tip: Carbs around your workouts, Fats before bed)
  4. Don't drink your calories! (No sodas, No mixed coffees, No DAIRY)

If you want more info on how to actually learn nutrition please check out my book The SuperNatural Lifestyle by clicking the link.


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