What Is The EatLikeAaron Menu? 
A:  We offer the meal plan that started it all. Aaron W. Reed Owner / Author / Athlete designed his plan to drive him to the goal of LIVING life HEALTHY and being SHREDDED WITHOUT DEPLETING. 
Q:  How do I now which protein plan to choose: Shredded, Fit or Bulk?  
A:  If you want to shred weight as quickly as possible pick the SHREDDED Program. (It has fewer carbs best for competitors) If you want to look and feel great while maintaining a normal lifestyle the FIT Program is right for you. If you want to GET HUGE, then the BULK program is right for you.
Q:  What if I need different quantities? 
A:  Thats where we stand out. We will make the needed changes for you to lead you to your goal.
Q:  How long will my meals stay fresh?  
A:  Seven days (one week).  
Q:  Can I freeze my meals?  
A:  For ultimate freshness we do not recommend freezing your meals. 
Q:  After picking up my meals, how quickly do I need to return them to a refrigerator for freshness?  
A:  2 Hours.  Anything after that will result in bacteria growth.  Click Here For Details:http://bit.ly/1fwcFEG
Q: Where are the drop locations outside of tampa for FREE delivery?
A: We have drop locations at: Limitless Fitness Plantcity ONLY for now. Everywhere else outside of Tampa requires delivery fee. South Tampa is FREE delivery
Q: What are the delivery fees for my area?
A: South Tampa $7.50, North Tampa, Brandon, Plantcity, St. Pete, Clearwater $20
Q:  What do I need to bring when I pick up my meals? 
A:  Proof of purchase via email receipt.  Printed or proof via cell phone acceptable.  
Q:  Can I order my meals over the phone?  
A:  No.  All orders are placed online, via our website:  www.EatLikeAaron.com
Q:  Can I cancel my oder after it has been placed?  
A:  No.  All sales are final and there are absolutely no refunds.
Q: What day/times can I get my meals? 
A:  All  meals are delivered to either you home or a drop location on Sunday between 4pm-7pm. If you are not there please leave a cooler in front of your door with ice packs so we can leave the food. Otherwise there will be a $10-20 FEE for coordinating a time to recieve meals.
Q:  Do you deliver?  
A:  Yes.  Between 5pm-9pm Sunday. Please be home or have cooler ready.
Q: Can I pick my meals up from the kitchen?
A: Yes. You must be there for pick up between 3-4pm (depending on our volume will depicted when your meals are ready) Please call ahead to let us know.
Q:  Will I be refunded if I cant get to my meals because I am gone? 
A:  No.  There are absolutely no refunds. 
Q:  What is the final day to order my meals for the following week? 
A:   Thursday night. We collect info and order meats
Friday to pick up for Saturday grocery shopping. Then we prepare them and deliver Sunday.
Q:  What is the best way to prepare my meals at home or office? 
A:  Microwave (with lid on) 1-2min, each meal is different
Q:  How does Reoccurring Payment work? 
A:  You must commit to at least 2 consecutive weeks of meals. You will be charged when you sign up and then 7 days later. (two weeks total)  After that you may stop it at anytime but you must give us 72 hrs notice to stop auto payments or you will be charged for that week and meals will be sent.
Q:  How can I use my coupon code?
A:  Simply enter your coupon code during checkout.  
Q:  Can I customize my meals?  
A:  Yes, only if you have selected a Custom Meal Plan. If you want to change any other plan it is 1$ per change, per meal. If you get our SuperNatural membership the meal changes are FREE. See Membership for details...
Q:  How do I change my macros to reach my goal?  
A:  We make the changes for you.
Q:  What if I have food allergies?  
A:  The SuperNatural Lifestyle meals are prepared in a facility and on equipment that may also process products that contain following:  milk, egg, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, fish, crustaceans, & shellfish.  
Q:  Is there a secret menu available?  
A:  If you don’t already know…. You don't need to know.