Our System

The Official Eat Like Aaron meal plan consists of 5 Meals.

  • Carb Meals are Blue (Glyco Meal)
  • Fat Meals are Orange (Beta Meal)
  • The CPM is Red (Crucial Post Workout Meal)
  • High Protein, Low Carb, Low Fat, Low calorie Meals are Black

The reason these meals are split up this way is to allow the body to utilize the most beneficial nutrients at all the best times. This is how we reach peak performance. For the first time we are making your meals drive you to better performance. My Book “The SuperNatural Lifestyle” plainly outlines the benefits to following


  1. Eat Whole Foods
  2. Don’t Mix Sugars and Fats
  3. Time Nutrient Intake

You may want to read my book to learn how this eating philosophy will not only increase energy and burning fat, but also increasing “Insulin Sensitivity.” This is the main component necessary to control for building muscle. If you do not wish to read the book you don’t have to! Simply follow my meal plan I email to you, as I have laid it out and you can reap ALL the benefits anyway!

Our Meals are Time Sensitive

A Carb Meal is always best to eat before/after a workout. This will provide you with energy for your workout and start/finish the recovery process. A Fat Meal is best for providing smaller amounts or more subtle amounts of energy throughout the day. These meals are best eaten away from your workout or even before bed. Finally the CPM (Crucial Post Workout Meal) is exactly what it says. This meal is designed to follow you post workout shake exactly 60min later. This will finalize the immediate recovery process. This is important to take advantage of for a few reasons.

  1. Recover muscle glycogen for immediate repair (Gains!)
  2. Take advantage of “Insulin Sensitive” environment (Gains!)
  3. Prevent uncontrollable hunger cravings later in the day
(Make Note: Happens when the body doesn’t get fed properly)

    IF YOU Purchased Individual Meals, this is NOT a Program.

    The best thing for you to do is start buy getting accustomed with our meals. The meals you will notice have either; a Blue, Orange, Red or Black label. This is to be used to place these meals specifically on a plan. Since we do not write plans that are incomplete I suggest you follow the guidelines from the “Time Sensitive,” portion of this insert to better judge the best time for your meal. If you need to call one of our staff will be happy to answer your questions. Thank you for choosing The SuperNatural Lifestyle!