Institue Of Vitality Keto Plan
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Institue Of Vitality Keto Plan

A word from the Instituted of Vitality:

We offer a Medically Designed Ketogenic diet personally created by Dr. Robert Drapkin MD FACP, a leader in nutritional academia. Dr Drapkin's modified ketogenic nutrition strategy is designed to reset the client's pancreas by eliminating foods with a high glycemic load. This creates an internal environment whereas the cells become sensitized to insulin, therefore the pancreas no longer has to over-produce insulin. What does this mean for you? Less body fat and sustained energy levels!!   

The Institute of Vitality is one of our partners that has specific requirements for their patients diets. We have packaged it up to make it as easy as possible for the client to get what the doctor has perscribed giving them the best possible chance to succeed! Before orderding please call us for a FREE 10 minute consultation phone call.

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